Sunday, 8 February 2015

Making time...

In 2014 I found myself busy with work, kids, school, Somehow my knitting time suffered as a result and I was less productive than ever. Some days I find myself giving away my precious time to social media because frankly I'm too tired to actually DO anything else. Then the guilt sets in, do you get that too? The feeling that precious time is slipping away or being stolen by silly online stories or memes or people you probably don't even know so well. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day dramas, get lost in a story or sidetracked by pretty pictures. But then I stop and think what is happening to me? What is happening to this generation of people so reliant on social media that they can't even walk down the street without whipping out their phones.
Are you guilty of succumbing to the seductive lure of the internet? Do you feel like you are losing time or is it your escape?
I think my goal for this year is to take a step back; try a little harder to resist that pull, to be more present in the moment, my own moment, not someone elses.

Back in December I did this crazy thing. I released a new pattern and co-hosted a knit-along on ravelry with fellow designer Paula Henley of Koru Designs Aotearoa. December is always crazy around here so I have no idea what I was thinking taking on this massive task. We got there in the end and it was loads of fun and we had a tonne of support from local dyers and craftspeople who donated amazing prizes to give away. At the time I also got in contact with Susannah from WOOLganics. You see, the new pattern I mentioned, Zaheera, was specifically designed for the velvety soft WOOLganic yarn. With a high neckline I wanted to make sure the yarn used was cat-belly soft and non-itchy because I know how much kids hate itchy things near their sweet little necks.
So I had this thought, how fun would it be if I could give away not only a copy of the pattern, but also the yarn to knit it with too. Susannah thought this was a great idea and has generously offered to donate two prize packs consisting of four balls of WOOLganic organic merino 8ply (DK) in the winner's choice of colour. That is enough to knit the largest size Zaheera with leftovers!
I will be running the giveaway over on my facebook page, so please pop over to my page for more info. But before you do, leave me a comment telling me what you hope to improve in your life this year.

Happy Knitting.

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