Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Off and racing!

I've been a busy little bee. In the last month I have released not one but two new patterns. You may have seen them already over on Ravelry or facebook but just in case you haven't, allow me to introduce you.

First up we have Bux. Bux came about when I was pondering over the stitch pattern I used in my Wistful Cowl. I have other plans for this very pattern that I keep putting on the back burner, for now. The end result is quite different to my initial sketches. Sometimes designs are like that, they decide what they want to be and I just go along with it. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. When it comes to hats I think the crown is rather like a puzzle that needs to be worked out. I know I can easily just decrease all the stitches quickly for a slouchy hat but I feel that as a designer I need to really work out this puzzle and make the crown come together cohesively and beautifully rather than just bunch together. It's kind of like a personal challenge I guess.
That said, I never anticipated how stunning the crown would look until I had already knit my sample. I'm so pleased with it, did I say that already?

Towards the end of March I also released Inverto. Like Bux, Inverto was also inspired by a previous design of mine, Reversus.
Just like Reversus, Inverto are knit inside out to avoid a zillion purl stitches and the lace panel is worked in purl instead. When they are finished you turn them inside out to reveal the lace panel that sits perfectly across the back of your hand. I used the stunning White Gum Wool 4ply (Hand dyed by Augustbird) for these mitts. The result is a soft-as-kittens and lighter-than-air mitt that is surprisingly warm. Perfect for wearing while knitting or sitting at the computer.

Both patterns are available on Ravelry now.

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