Cottage Licence information

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a cottage licence. Under Australian copyright law, I have the right to determine the manner in which my patterns are used. Upon purchase of any of my patterns you have the right to knit as many garments as you choose for personal use. This includes knitting for gifts and for charity but not for sale or personal profit.

By purchasing a cottage licence for a small one-time fee you are obtaining the rights to knit and sell for profit as many garments from a single pattern as you desire, in a home-based small business (non-commercial) capacity.

At this time I am only offering individual cottage licences per pattern. In the future I will also include an all-inclusive licence allowing any/ all of my patterns to be knit for sale under a single licence.

All of my free patterns are, and will remain licence free. This means you may knit as many items as you please and sell them for profit without my express consent. This excludes commercial production which is forbidden without my prior consent.

My paid patterns can be knit for sale under licence for a one-time fee of $25AUD per pattern. This fee does not include the actual pattern which should be purchased separately before applying for a licence. This is a lifetime licence and never needs to be renewed.

Please note that licences are not transferable and are non-refundable.

A cottage licence allows you to knit and sell garments from my patterns, however that pattern itself remains my intellectual property and may not be sold, shared or distributed in any way.

The full terms and conditions of the licence can be obtained by downloading the pdf application or by emailing me at

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