Monday, 25 June 2012


This is a snapshot of my Sunday morning which involved a trip to the local farmers market where we bought three new chookies, two light sussex (white with black ring) and a light sussex crossed with an australorp (black with white ring) We also ate some amazing homemade cupcakes (they were gone before I could say "say cheese") Then we had a play in the garden before I headed back indoors to curl up on the couch for a spot of knitting before I had to go off to work.
Love Sunday mornings at home :-)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Yarn along

I'm a little late to this party but better late than never, right?
So I was over visiting the amazingly talented tikki's blog and happened across this great idea to encourage us crafty types to show our blogs a little love on a regular basis.

I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit of a knitting whore. I don't believe in monogamy at all. This sometimes leads to some complicated relationships between me and my knitting but hey, it's all good!
So right now I have a couple of projects on the go. The biggest and most exciting is probably my Mystery Knit-along shawl. I have been itching to participate in a mystery knit ever since I first heard of the idea but had trouble finding one. When this one popped up by designer Kirsten Kapur  I knew I was onto a winner! I LOVE Kirsten's designs so I'm hoping that this shawl will be amazing. I'm knitting it with Misti Alpaca tonos carnival in the Rosemary colourway.

clue 1 of the mystery shawl

This yarn is deliciously soft. I had initially envisioned socks but decided it was too soft to be hidden away in shoes and resolved that it should become a shawl instead....

On that note, I am actually knitting socks with the exact same yarn base, this time in the blackberry colourway. The colour makes me think more of blueberries with it's smokey blue black hue. My indecisiveness to settle on a pattern led me to find the Uzu sock pattern which featured in Knitty Deep Fall 2011. I love it when simple lace patterns give the impression of a cable!
Also on my needles right now is a second Sorello by the afore mentioned Tikki. I admit I've lost a little steam with this one but it has turned out to be a good go-to project while watching tv as it requires virtually zero attention. I will finish it one day....I hope :-/
I'm modifying this one, mainly due to laziness, I plan to leave out the lace panel on the butt and leave it as a more simple tee. I wish I would have included a little side shaping as my miss 10 is rather slim and although I've knit the size 7, it actually is HUGE on her. Not to mention that it will grow some when blocked.
I'm not going to go on about the many other unfinished, languishing projects...I'll save them for another day.

I admit to not reading much in the past few weeks. However, this evening I did enjoy a fireside session of reading aloud fairytales first published 200 years ago by the Brothers Grimm :-)
Followed by pizza and Back to the Future III.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A cashmere merino sweater? Yes please!

My Papillon sweater is finished! 

Knit using Naturally Me (80% merino wool, 20% cashmere) on 3.75mm needles.
I used 8.2 balls of yarn

close up of the cable/ lace panel

I really enjoyed knitting this. The construction was a little different to the usual top down raglan. The contiguous method of construction is relatively new and was developed by Susie Myers to create a top down, one-piece, set-in-sleeve style construction.

You can read more about my experience here.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Get your knit on peeps!

Saturday June 9th is Worldwide Knit in Public Day. For real!
So get your pointy sticks out and head to your favourite cafe or park and get knittin'.

I know I will be.
Then again, I never really need an excuse to knit in public! :-D