Monday, 5 August 2013

Dodgy video and a pattern giveaway

I've been meaning, with the very best of intentions you understand, for some time now to do a little tutorial on how to work the decreasing cables in my Rhiannon Hat pattern without using a cable needle (Handy if you tend to misplace those pesky little things!) It occurred to me after much procrastination (aka life in general) that making a video would probably be easier and quicker.
I don't know about you but for me a YouTube video is worth a gazillion tutorial photo's. I filmed this video about 50 times! Well, ok, that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but I did film it a lot! It's a little darker than I would have liked and my silly phone kept shifting focus but overall you can see what's going on and I managed to keep my hands mostly in frame.

Link to my YouTube video because blogger wont let me upload it here. Grrr

I don't have any fancy video editing software at my disposal these days so it's as basic as can be, please don't laugh at me! ;-)
And because I did promise a while ago, I thought I would give away a copy (or maybe even two) of the aforementioned pattern just so you can have a go at cabling without a cable needle for yourself.
To enter to win a copy of my pattern please leave me a comment below telling me what knitting or crafting 'trick' has been the most invaluable to you. Learning to cable without a cable needle is certainly a time saver for me.
Entries will close at midnight Australian Western Standard time on August 15. That gives you 10 days! Please leave your Ravelry name or your email. I will gift the pattern to you via Ravelry or send via email so please make sure I can contact you!


  1. The trick I learnt that has been most helpful for me has been to use a latch hook (rug making hook) for weaving in ends in crochet! The one that a lot of people seem not to know about when I tell them is when you are double stranding yarn, wind the two strands together on a yarn winder BEFORE you start knitting/crocheting, as it means far fewer tangles :D Oh and my Rav name is Sarahcles

  2. Okay, so the most helpful thing I have learnt of late is when knitting on circular interchangable needles, if you find that the stitches become tight and difficult to slide from the cable and up onto the needle prior to knitting them and sliding them off onto the other needle all the time, just swap this needle out for one that is 1-2mm's smaller in diameter and this will allow for ease free knitting and not alter you sizing as that is being gained by the needle you are knitting on too. Often I find this can occur when knitting with a single ply yarn or with certain patterns too. Hope this helps someone. My email is