Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mud Princess :: Pattern Release

Remember in Harry Potter when Hermione gets the time turner so she can be in two places at the same time. Well I really need one of those. Time seems to be slipping faster and faster these days; kinda like when the hourglass is almost empty and suddenly every grain of sand is clamouring to get through the darn hole! Somehow it's already been a week, maybe even two since I released my new pattern Mud Princess

This pattern stayed with me for a long time, evolving and changing over the course of many months until finally being realised into the finished pattern it is now. 

 Mud Princess is seamless and knit in one piece from the top down with a circular yoke featuring garter stitch stripes which perfectly show off a slow colour change or gradient yarn. You have the option of knitting tunic length or dress length and three sleeve styles giving you a total of six different styles!

Pop over to Ravelry to check out my awesome testers' projects. As you can see there are many options to customise this little dress to suit your little princess. 
To celebrate its release I will be offering a discount over on my facebook page so be sure to pop over there also so you don't miss out. You don't need to be a ravelry member to purchase any of my patterns although I highly recommend you join because it's free and it's awesome!! You can also purchase Mud Princess by clicking the link below. 

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