Thursday, 1 March 2012

adventures in sweet tomato heels - part 2

The finished Sweet Tomato Heel:

As you can see, it is beautifully smooth and neat. And what's more, this heel was Eeee-Zeee to knit. What genius! Her method of picking up the "Mother" stitch to close the gap is brilliant! If you are a sock knitter I highly recommend giving this one a go.
That said, I think I've decided to frog this sock :-(

(give me a moment while I grieve...)

Anyway. Despite the sheer loveliness of the STH I found that it just didn't fit right across the top of my ankle. The heel portion is great! It cups my heel ever so fondly and sits beautifully. But the top bit is. just. a. little. too. tight.
Add that to the fact that my gauge is just too large and a few other minor boo-boos and I think it's better to bite the bullet and just start again from scratch, a teensy bit wiser for the experience.

I did alot of pondering over this heel technique whilst I was knitting and I had a bit of an epiphany. One of those "what if I did this instead of that..." moments.
I'm in the process of putting those ideas into action so not too much detail just yet. But I think I may be onto a winner! So if you've been searching for the perfect heel with a combination of simplicity, aesthetic, and ease then stay tuned... :-)

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